Looking for a new drill press?

Are you considering getting a new drill press?

The benchtop drill press is an exceptionally useful tool for drilling holes in multiple different types of materials, from wood to metal. Most woodwork experts possess no less than one excellent drill press, and usually a hand drill as well, however just a drill press will suffice. The benchtop type is generally better because it can be more easily transported from place to place.

Before you choose a model to buy, you should carefully consider the space constrictions in your garage. If you have a ton of space, then you may as well get a huge floor mounted drill press for maximum usefulness. But if you're workshop is on the smaller side of things a benchtop drill will do just fine for most jobs that aren't really large. A good place to check out more details: http://drillpresspro.com/

Another factor which aught to be considered carefully is the RPM. The RPM is the speed that the spindle of the drill spins at. If the spindle operates at a low RPM (revs per minute) you won't be able to drill through tough material like metal. So it's great to have a drill press that can operate at a high RPM. You can even find models which come with highly adjustable speed settings. Adjustable speed settings are very useful, as wood for instance doesn't require the same speed as steel.
Hopefully these tips can help you in choosing a good drill press